What we do
ML and AI
App development
We can build any website or app, from portfolio and landing pages to e-commerce, web3, productivity, finance, AI, tools, and anything you can imagine.
The heart of any app is the backend, and we can help you with it too.
We're experts in models, datasets, ETL pipelines, and MLOps, and we can create solutions for any use case.
We develop iOS and Android apps. Share your idea, and we'll provide insight on how we can bring it to life.
Selected works
Phraser | Frontend, Backend, Machine Learning
New Love Project | Frontend, Backend, Machine Learning | Frontend, Backend, iOS, Android, Machine Learning
ThreePay | Frontend, Backend, iOS, Android, Machine Learning | Frontend, Backend, Machine Learning

Technologies we use

Next.js, React, FastAPI, Ktor, Kotlin, TypeScript, Python, Swift, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Redis, JAX, PyTorch, ONNX, etc.

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