What we do
Models training
Dataset creation
ETL pipelines
We train models for social media recommendations, audience segmentation, generative AI for content creation, anomaly detection, and more.
We help you create and prepare your data set for model training, including scraping and augmentation.
We create an ETL pipeline to processes new data that come to your system.
We prepare models for production, considering scalability, reliability, and efficiency.
Selected works | Recommendation Model training, MLOps
Phraser | ETL Pipeline, MLOps, Recommendation Model training, Dataset creation
New Love Project | ETL Pipeline, MLOps, Recommendation Model training
ThreePay | MLOps, Fraud Detection Model training

Technologies we use

Python, PyTorch, JAX, Spark, Kafka, PyArrow, Dask, Diffusion models, GANs, Transformers, etc.

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